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The Republic Day celebrations are in the air.. for many of us they simply mean a national holiday when all we citizens shall do is catch up with sleep and indulge in mundane activities. We hardly ever lend a thought to the costs our ancestors paid to attain our independence and whether we are doing justice to the sacrifices laid down by the resolute souls whose only aim was to free the country from the yokels of foreign power and bring dignity to the nation. I think Nehru's Tryst with Destiny was a great visionary piece and somehow while writing it I am reminded of a line by JF Kennedy , " Think not what America can do for you, but think what you can do for America". This brings out so clearly we citizens' duty towards our nation as most of the times we are just harping about what our nation has not provided us forgetting that we are the nation. The Republic Day besides Independence Day is the only time when the country and its rulers take some time off to salute the sentinels & martyrs of this country and pay verbose tributes amidst rich gala functions and then lay them back to rest for another year. The forgotten heroes!

In this moment, I remember the sentinels who keep vigil all day nights long in the most inhuman conditions so that we can live in peace. How many hardships they incur each day in order to give us security; the men at the borders in the most unfriendly environmental conditions keeping an eagle eye; their bayonets always ready to spew fire at the enemy lurking and sniping around while we sleep soundly in the security and warmth of our homes. They live in trenches, in climes below zero temperatures as in Siachen where there is not even oxygen to breathe, in the dry hot deserts in the west, in snake & insect infested areas in the east and so far removed from everything they grew up in life with ..yet these soldiers brave these hardships so that our motherland's honour is never compromised and we can exist with our heads held high. They may have entered these forces for financial reasons but I personally feel maybe they had more patriotism tugging and gnawing at their hearts when the forces beckoned them to dedicate and devote their whole lives in the name of country otherwise they may have chosen any other field of activity too..

But then why only soldiers I feel any person who strives to fulfill his destiny is a hero. Any person who leads his life with his dignity and ego intact and strives to carve a niche rather than harping on unfavourable circumstances around is too a hero. Our country is replete with examples of Manjunaths, whose breaths are stifled out just becuase they dare to raise voice against the system that reeks of corruption. Just think of what Sheshan did for the electoral system, what APJ Kalam did for the nuclear and missile world and what Manmohan did for the economy and what many anonymous others are doing. These are just a handful of examples. There were many hurdles for them too and they must have been fazed many a times yet they attained the impossible and made it possible. These are the real heroes, just of the same steel as Bhagats of yore!

Any person who tries to rise above the limitations of body, mind, circumstances, situations to make a mark in the world is a hero. Witness a physically challenged person who struggles to rise above the limitations of his body and strives to leave his mark in this world ! I myself have come across such a person in my life who amazes me as to the place he has created for himself in a this competing world on the basis of his abilities and hard work. He may have wasted his life wallowing in self-pity because God was unkind to him in giving him a healthy and complete body but he chose to make the best of what he was bestowed upon with. Believe me I have never seen him down in dumps and there is so much joie de vivre in him that it infects you; how he derives pleasure from small things and what benchmarks he has set for himself to attain! It enchants me as much as it amazes me! Such are the heroes and they donot need those eulogising songs of praise; for them their triumphant efforts towards making their lives better are sufficient song enough!

While, we, the teeming millions of this country go on leading our obscure lives, mindless of what is happening around so absorbed in our own myopic existences, a handful take pains to raise voice when it is needed and unchain shackles that bind us all.

So let the Republic Day not be the day when we render meaningless verbal eulogies to the bravehearts; rather let it be a day when we think of them in earnest and vow to cherish their memories through deeds that make them feel proud that their sacrifices were not vain and that they laid down their lives for a posterity that deserved in truth!





. (2007-08)