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How it is celebrated ?

Dasshera is a time of holiday feasting and family visits.

Starting New Ventures :-  It is a time-honored belief that a new venture started on this day, is bound to be successful. Also on this day tools, writing instruments, machines, household articles, children's school books are placed before the idol of Durga and worshipped.

     Traditional Exchange of "Aptya Chi Pane" : Families have a ritual of exchanging "Shami leaves" or "aptya chi pane". These are heart shaped leaves and are bought in a dried form from the local floral markets. The leaves are exchanged among relatives & friends as gold by saying "Sone Gya Sonyasarakhe Raha" which means take gold and be like gold. 

Puja:- A puja thaali containing rice, mithai, a coconut and fruits is decorated and placed before the idol. The prasad is then distributed to family members. 

Puja of married women:- Traditionally during Navratri in many households married (fertile) women are invited for puja. They are doted upon and are given fruits and small gifts followed by a delicious meal. Its a way to celebrate fertility in women.