Miss Universe 2005

The reigning Miss Canada wins the 2005 Miss Universe Crown

Miss Universe 2005
Natalie Glebova

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May 31, 2005: Natalie Glebova is Miss Universe 2005. The reigning Miss Universe Candada, Miss Natalie hails from Toronto in Canada. The 23-year old model was was crowned Miss Universe 2005 at a dazzling event in Bangkok, Thailand, on May 31st. With this, the curtains come down on the Miss Universe carnival 2005.

Natalie Glebova accepted the Mikimoto crown from last year's winner, Miss Universe 2004 Jennifer Hawkins of Australia. Natalie Glebova will now tour the world for a year, representing sponsors and supporting charitable work.

The first Canadian to win the Miss Universe prize was Karen Baldwin, in 1982. Natalie Glebova is the second. As a child, Natalie practised acrobatics, though she did not continue with it for long. 

Natalie Glebova has completed her Bachelor degree and planned to pursue a Masters degree. She wanted to be a business owner in the communications/ public relations field. Now, with the coveted title of Miss Universe, all that may be about to change.

Natalie says that other than her parents, her piano teacher has been the person who made the most influence on her life. "She is the most passionate and humble woman I have ever known," says Natalie Glebova.

The first runner-up was Cynthia Olavarria (Miss Puerto Rico) a favorite among bookies; the 2nd runner-up was Renata Sone (Miss Dominican Republic); 3rd runner-up was Mexico (Laura Elizondo), and thre 4th runner-up was Venezuela (Monica Spear).

Bb Pilipinas Gionna Cabrera received the Miss Photogenic Award, while Tricia Homer of the US Virgin Islands was named Miss Congeniality. Rosjan of Thailand won the Best National Costume Award. 

"My most unusual talent is being able to read upside-down just as well as I can read right-side up" says Miss Universe 2005. Now, we guess that could have come a little bit from her acobatics training, we guess!!

Miss Universe 2005
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Miss Natalie

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